Automotive products

Automotive Products for Distributors

Balboa Chemical has a wide range of high quality professional automotive products all guaranteed. View our Technical sheets.

We offer all types of automotive products such as organic coolants & antifreezers 5%-10%-20%-30%-50% and 100% Concentrate (pure), Coolant & Antifreezer G12 55%-100%, G12 50%++, G13 50%-100%, G13 50%-100% Si-OAT, Food Industry antifreezer, Dashboard Clean & Shine, Tyre Clean & Shine, Special Mosquitoes Remover glass & window cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Distilled Water, Concentrated hand cream soap, Mechanic´s soap, Hand Paste, Engine Cleaner, Autocarwash Tunnel Soap, vehicle body Soap, Hydrofugant Body car, Carpet Cleaner, Degreasers, AdBlue…